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Welcome to High Pines Norwich Terriers

       Established in 1975, High Pines Norwich Terriers is one of the oldest breeders of Norwich Terriers in the USA. High Pines Norwich Terriers is dedicated to producing the highest quality, best temperament and healthiest Norwich Terriers that we can.  We are not a kennel but a mother and daughter team, Susan Sikorski, PhD. and Anne Sikorski, M.D. that love Norwich Terriers.  We breed only purebred AKC Registered Norwich Terriers and have generations of Champions to prove it.  We have a long history with Norwich Terriers and have produced numerous Champion Norwich Terriers over our many years.  Anne does not have a childhood memory without a Norwich Terrier in it and plans to extend her mothers breeding practice for decades more to come.  We hope that in viewing our website you will have a better understanding of this outstanding breed and how we try to further improve the quality of our dogs.  We strive to breed the highest quality, best personality and healthiest Norwich Terriers with each new carefully planned litter.  

       Susan Sikorski, PhD. was breeding dogs far before 1975, as the daughter of a 
Veterinarian she was raised with and exposed to many other breeds of dogs.  As a 
dedicated dog breeder she focused her attentions on the delightful breed of Norwich Terriers. 
No other breed has captured the heart of any member of the Sikorski family as much as 
the Norwich Terrier.  High Pines Norwich Terriers began with Susan's first Norwich Terrier, 
Norstar’s Cinnamon Cookie CD.  Cinnamon was the 1st Anniversary present for Susan 
from husband Gerry Sikorski and became the Foundation matriarch for High Pines Norwich 
Terriers. This family's love of the Norwich Terrier breed has continued over the years with 
producing numerous Champions and many big wins, including a National Specialty 
Best of Breed Winner in 1986 with Ch. High Pine Topaz (grand-daughter of Cinnamon and 
daughter of Ember). Ch. High Pines Glowing Ember ROM was awarded Registry Of Merit 
for producing over 5 champions. Our current litters may be traced back generations to our 
original High Pines Norwich Terrier bloodlines.

       As these Norwich Terriers have always been very much a part of our family, and daughter Anne Sikorski grew up playing in the whelping box with our Norwich Terrier puppies.  Anne's childhood Norwich Terrier and beloved companion, was Ch. High Pines Ruby, daughter of Topaz.  Anne loves these dogs with her mother and shares the same passion to maintain the highest standard of excellence in personality, temperament, beauty and health.  Susan and Anne are both recognized members of the Norwich Terrier Club of America (NTCA) and Norwich Terrier Club, England (NTC).

       High Pines Norwich Terriers is truly dedicated to promoting the health and future of the breed. High Pines Norwich Terriers breeding stock are subjected to numerous health tests including hips, patellas, eyes, cardiac and throat exam.  We encouraged genetic diversity of the breed and have imported Norwich Terriers from the UK and Europe.  Susan and Anne are both recognized members of AKC Breeder of Merit program for our commitment to health.

       As High Pines Norwich Terriers is a family hobby and we have enjoyed our many experiences and travels with our Norwich Terriers.  We traveled to not only Westminster Kennel Club in NYC and Eukanuba in Orlando, Florida but also to Cruft's in England and World Dog Show 2011 Paris, WDS 2012 Salzburg, Austria and WDS 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.

       High Pines Norwich Terriers is based in Northern, Virginia, where our dogs, true to their “terrier nature” enjoy hunting the many mice but also larger game of deer, fox, squirrels, and anything that moves in our five wooded acres.  We believe that Norwich Terriers embody the wonderful and endearing traits of terriers as they are dedicated, active and loyal.

       We hope that you will enjoy seeing our dogs on this site and that it provides a view into our world and how we have shared our many life experiences with the delightful Norwich Terrier.

         Thank you,

                Susan Sikorski, PhD. & Annie Sikorski, M.D.

High Pines Norwich Terriers
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High Pines Norwich Terriers -- The Sikorski Family 
at the Blessing of the Animals 
St. Peter's in the Woods Episcopal Church -- Fairfax Station, VA
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