At High Pines Norwich Terriers we are dedicated to producing the highest quality, best temperament, and healthiest Norwich Terriers. We are both AKC Breeders of Merit.  Our hobby is breeding and exhibiting Norwich Terriers.  When we are blessed with large litters and extra puppies we realize that we cannot keep all of the puppies, and want our Norwich Terrier puppies to go the best homes and families possible. Please take the time to read the information on our website. Our mission, is to breed the highest quality, best temperament, and the healthiest Norwich Terriers we can. We place our Norwich Terrier puppies in pet homes as companions only.
Our puppies are sold with AKC Registration papers under Limited registration only. Limited registration means that the puppy cannot be used for breeding. Our Norwich Terrier puppies, are purebred Norwich with Limited AKC Registration papers and are $4000. which includes a $1000. non-refundable deposit.  

Please be aware that Norwich Terriers being sold via the Internet or less than the standard price, may not be purebred Norwich Terriers. Please read our Testimonials Page, which is a few words from some of our puppy owners. If you are seriously interested please Contact us.  Please take the time to read the information in the attached documents below.

All of our Norwich terrier puppies are placed with: 
- AKC Limited Registration
Puppy supply information sheet
- Up-to-date de-worming and vaccinations
- Puppy wellness check by certified Veterinarian
- Veterinary record
- Detailed training and puppy instruction document
- Microchipped by MicrochipID
- Super puppy gift bag with leash, food coupons, blanket, brush, toys, stuffed animals, etc.  

      Another requirement of owing a special puppy from High Pines Norwich terriers is the agreement to not spay/neuter until at least 14 months of age. There are important health considerations that are associated with not spaying/neutering early. Please review this document, written by Veterinarian Dr. Chris Zink, Johns Hopkins University.

      We have a very involved and detailed process in evaluating our possible homes for our special puppies. We appreciate you visiting our website and learning our philosophy about Norwich terriers. Please send us a detailed email providing your information and life-style and why you are looking for a Norwich terrier puppy. We must speak with you on the phone to further discuss your qualifications and expectations about one of our Norwich terrier puppies.  We use a wait-list for expecting puppy buyers once approved. We require a $1000. nonrefundable deposit to secure your puppy and your position on the wait list.  At High Pines Norwich terriers we not only pride ourselves on our quality of dogs but we have been extremely successful at matching puppies with their new homes and families, please visit our Testimonials page.
High Pines Norwich Terriers
      We expect to have Norwich terrier puppies available in the next 3-4 months and plan for this FALL.  Please let us know if you are interested in one of our puppies, see Contact page. Our puppies are $4000 which includes a $1000 nonrefundable deposit.  We are expecting more puppies this fall, if we are blessed with extra puppies to home we would plan on placing them in their new homes in the winter. We are accepting deposits for our future puppy wait-list at this time. I can promise you a puppy but I cannot guarantee a particular date. 

       Norwich Terriers like any dog are a lifetime commitment. If you are chosen as a suitable home, you will become a custodian of this very human-oriented, loving and joyful breed. Our puppies are placed in carefully screened homes. We will provide owners with advice and support throughout the lifetime of their High Pines Norwich terrier.
Our lovely puppies by sire GCH Ragus King of Swing at Salterello
Exciting News
       As we are dedicated to continually improving our breeding program we have imported two lovely Norwich terrier dogs from Europe. We are blessed with great friends and lovely dogs.  We were privileged with the opportunity to import CH. Ragus King of Swing at Salterello, we affectionately call "Swinger."  We are very thankful to Beverly Fraser and breeder Lesley Crawley in the UK for such a wonderful dog.  Swinger is a littermate brother to Cruft's 2011 Norwich Terrier Best of Breed and Terrier Group 4 winner, UK CH Ragus Jazz King. UK/INT CH Ragus Jazz King continues to win big in Europe and we wish owner Peter Kissen all the best of luck. We look forward to a promising show career with our boy Swinger as well. Swinger is the first natural tailed norwich to  compete at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Swinger is also the FIRST natural tailed AMERICAN GRAND CHAMPION **

       In 2011, we were lucky enough to also import a delightful male Norwich Terrier puppy from breeders Liane and Jens Ruck, Austria.  CH. El Dorado von den zwei Eichen, "Dorado" is a darling dog that earned his Championship by just 10 months of age.

​      I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate our friends Jens and Liane Ruck for their 2012 World Dog Show Champion Norwich Terrier Winner -- Wild Devils Kevin Costner!!!  Much congratulations to such a great win! You can see pictures of Wild Devils Kevin Costner on the Ruck's website:

**UPDATE:     International Beauty Champion/WORLD/Austrian/Canadian/American GCH Wild Devils Kevin Costner and 2012 World Dog Show Norwich Terrier Winner is now in Virginia at High Pines Norwich. Wild Devils Kevin Costner, called "KC" has joined us permanently at High Pines Norwich. We are thrilled with this opportunity. Many thanks to the Ruck's for this wonderful dog! **
All in the de-TAILS ...
       Our love of Norwich terriers took us on great travels to Cruft's Dog Show 2011 in England and World Dog Show 2011, 2012, and 2013. We met some great people and saw old friends and got to see some wonderful International Norwich terriers and with undocked or "natural tails".  It does take a while to get used to the dynamic movement and expression of natural tail but we fell in love. Many of our puppies have natural tails that have not been docked. Please see some of our puppies from Swinger in the picture above. I like to quote one of our puppy buyers "We love Hamlet and he is always happy and wags his tail like a flag and we just adore him!" It may be an adjustment for some to see Norwich Terriers with natural tails but we really enjoy the expression.

      At High Pines Norwich Terriers, many of our available puppies will have undocked or natural tails. This decision in not only anesthetic in our opinion and allows our puppies to show internationally but is lest trauma and pain inflicted on newborn puppies. The decreased risk of infection and death from the docking process is also avoided. We find the puppies to be more athletic, more quick to walk and better swimmers in our opinion. We hope that you will understand and accept our decision as breeders and we do hope that you will also enjoy the joyful expression of the natural tail.
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Adult Norwich
      On occasion, we have adult Norwich terriers that we are willing to retire from our breeding program to selected homes. We also may have older puppies from time to time as well. Puppies are available at full price but adults are often for a reduced price. Check here for updates of available Norwich. We only rarely have adults to re-home, if you are LOCAL please inquire. If your are NOT local, please inquire and I will do my very best to refer you to a Breeder friend in your area. Please contact us if you are interested. 

​A colorful litter ... Red, Grizzle, Pinkie and Black & Tan
WORLD/INT/AUS/CAN/AM GCH Wild Devils Kevin Costner
Expertly handled by Gabriel and Ivonne Rangel and team. Kevin had great  show career in the USA & Canada. We are excited about the Kevin offspring and their success and future wins in the show ring.
WORLD/INT/AUS/CAN/AM GCH Wild Devils Kevin Costner
Many thanks to The McCartney's for the lovely photography of Kevin Costner. 
We had a wonderful time at the "photo shoot" at their booth at Louisville Dog Show.
Our other boys at High Pines Norwich ...
GCH High Pines Counting Cards
CH High Pines True Copper
High Pines Deal Me In
The boys at home, and the wonderful photography captured by Gaye Nail Lins
GNLins Photography