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High Pines Norwich Terriers
Testimonials  . . . A few words from our many very happy puppy buyers ...
After many emails back and forth, getting to know each other, my intuition was that I was going to get a great dog from you, and  . . . my intuition was right on!  You picked out a puppy to match our needs and personalities and I don't think I could have picked a better match myself!  Murphy is the sweetest little boy and lives up to the quality that you strive for in your breeding program.  He is a healthy little guy with a wonderful temperament, and what a character!    

Honestly, I just can't say enough about how much love and joy Murphy has brought to our family and we can't thank you both enough!!  He is everything you promised he would be and more!   He is just so darn cute and has a personality to match!  He minds well, he's not yappy and he is VERY SMART!!  He learns so fast and I swear he understands every word we say to him.   He does have a stubborn streak sometimes, but with consistency in training commands he really does mind very well!  It's like his mission in life is just to please us, make us laugh and have us tell him over and over how much we love him!  

Initially I had concerns over certain male characteristics and I wasn't sure about getting a male dog.   The literature and personal experience which you shared with me eased my apprehensiveness, but I can honestly say that he has not displayed ANY of those traits, just as you promised!  You obviously know this breed very well and I am proud to say that I own a Norwich Terrier from you!  When we are ready to add another Norwich to our family, we  all agree that we definitely want another from you!

Murphy has turned out to be the best dog and we all love him equally!  (My daughter and I steal him from each other's beds).  I am just so thankful that you answered my email last year!  He has filled our home with love, laughter and we just can't get enough of him!  
                                                                                                -Sue, MURPHY BEAR & Family
I just thought I'd let you know that Heath is absolutely adorable, and such a wonderful puppy.  House training is going great, and two days ago, Steve and Hannah taught him to sit.  He is learning to lay now.  He is so smart.  It snowed here, so we let him play in it for a few minutes.  He loved it and chased the kids around.  When I picked him up to take him in, he was not very happy with me.  He sat by the door and whined, finally gave up and curled up in front of the fireplace. He is such a great dog!

He is such a sweet dog. We have all been amazed at how good he is with the baby. Greyson will grab a handful of his fur, and Heath just waits for one of us to let him loose. I figured he would at least nip at the baby the first time it happened, but so far, he just licks. Also, he will come get Steve or me if he hears the baby crying. Too cute! He is such a great dog!
                                              -Denise, HEATH & Family
We couldn't be happier with Dexter. He is probably the sweetest, most pleasant dog we could have ever imagined having as part of our family. He brings joy to us every day. He is alert, friendly to both humans and dogs and has gained quite a following among our friends who frequently request Dexter playtime for both them and their kids. 

He's absolutely adorable! We couldn't be happier with our new addition and want to thank you.  Here are some pictures of Dexter from his Puppy Shower!!
                                                                                                               -Peter, Luis and DEXTER
Wow, what a puppy! He is an amazing little guy. Both of you were dead on with your assessment of him, he is very smart. Again thank you for fantastic little Norwich pup, our Biggs.  

Here is a picture of Biggs with his beloved bear you sent with him. Thank you!!

                                                             -Mary, Alicia & BIGGS
Pumpkin is the happiest little dog.  She absolutely loves all humans. She is a neighborhood favorite; and the kids on our street come and ask to walk or play with her.  She is very, very smart, but has a mind of her own and responds to the commands she understands.   She does well with other dogs that are anywhere near her size and with large dogs that do not behave aggressively toward her.  She has her dog buddies in the neighborhood too.  She loves to be out with them. She has one friend, a Portuguese Water Dog, that she can play with off leash in his fenced in yard.

We could not ask for a better pet.  She brings joy, laughter and love to our lives; and that is a huge thing at our age.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bring her into our lives and for breeding such an adorable little girl. There is no cuter and more lovable animal anywhere.

                                                           -Louis, Pat & PUMPKIN
Parents of a puppy-buyer (PUMPKIN) who got an Adult dog: 

. . . This past Sunday we celebrated the first year anniversary of Cricket becoming a part of our lives. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know happy we all are and what a wonderful year it's been. Cricket is such a good girl, and such a wonderful companion. She has changed our lives for the better. 

As part of our family, she sleeps with us, and we take her practically everywhere. Ok, she might also be a tad bit spoiled but she's smart and she'll sit and stay on command. She doesn't normally respond to the word come or here, but have found it's not necessary since her favorite word is "Cookie" and she'll come running!  

We see my Mom, Lou, and Pumpkin often. We often joke that Cricket is the best dog in the whole world, and Pumpkin is the best puppy in the whole world! Pumpkin is another wonder - she's got to be about the friendliest and most sociable creature - she truly loves everybody and we love her! 

Thank you so much for bringing us all together!
                                                                                           -Alicia, Bill and CRICKET

Jinxy is a little angel for me. She goes into restaurants and stores with me in her little "doggie" bag and most of the time people do not even know I have her with me. When people do notice they fall in love with her immediately. 

Family Portrait
of my childhood friend Brianne and her 16 week old puppy
 in Virgina snow

Just a note to let you know Pepper is doing fantastic! He's playful, intelligent, and yet also calm. We are delighted to have him. Please let your daughter know we love him. Everyone in my office was asking me about my vacation at Paradise Island (Atlantis), yet all I could talk about was Pepper! It is particularly joyful for me to see Sofia interacting with Pepper. She absolutely adores him!

I am convinced we made the best decision in getting a High Pines Norwich Terrier, and having gotten it from you, gives us great assurance about his health and well being. Many, many Thanks!

                                                                                                                 -Luz, Oscar, Sofia, Lucas & PEPPER3
I cannot begin to tell you what a joy Wolfie is. He brings joy not just to Edward and myself, but also to also my mother-in-law and the rest of the household, the neighbors, and the local kids! Suffice to say, he is the Best Dog and is well loved . . . and he brings all so much joy. With many thanks and best holiday wishes! 
​                                                                                                                               -Ed, Aneeta, and WOLFIE
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I wanted to give you a little update on Duffy since we brought him home in mid-April. He's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! He truly is an incredible companion and everything that you described Norwich terriers to be. We are just loving having him. I guess the best word I can come up with to describe him is joyful. He's just SO happy and full of life and love. 

He's now just a little past 5 months old and he's such a part of our family. Once he became reliably housebroken (at about 12ish weeks or so), he began sleeping on the bed. So, every night, he's with one of the girls or with Steve and I. He loves all the visitors who come to hang out with the girls when their friends are here and he is always sitting in someone's lap as he chews on one of his toys. He's even made several doggy friends in the neighborhood that he plays with regularly. He quite easily learned to use the dog door in/out of the house and that made all the difference for him with his housebreaking. 

From Parents of a puppy buyer (DEXTER) who bought an older puppy from us:

Thank you so very much for our little Pepper. He is such a delightful puppy. We are so happy with him. As I believe Pete has told you, he has acclimated very well. He covered the house in about 5 seconds when we first arrived home. We don't hear a thing from him all night. He sleeps in our bedroom in his crate. We take many walks and he has dog and human friends already. Everybody just adores him. It must have been so hard to let him go and just want you to know he will get lots of love and have a good home here with us. 

He's such a great puppy. We are enjoying him so very 
much. He has adjusted very well. He is so good at 
night, not a peep out of him. We spend many hours out 
on the screened lanai. He has charmed the whole 
neighborhood. Right now he's having his morning nap.  

Again thank you all for letting us have this wonderful 
little guy. 
                           -Donna, Jim and PEPPER2
THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving us the opportunity to be Luigi’s Mommy and Daddy!!! We are amazed and delighted that you knew exactly which puppy was right for us better than we could have known ourselves.

Luigi is doing great, and is more wonderful than we ever could have imagined. He is a confident and happy little guy. He traveled like a pro yesterday, both in the car and on the plane. His cuteness nearly shut down two lines of security screenings at DCA - - because the TSA agents and every family with kids in the vicinity wanted to pet him before he went back into the carrier. The celebrity treatment didn’t seem to surprise him in the least. 

He is a very smart boy and picks up on new words and concepts so quickly. So far, he enjoys hunting his toy mouse and squirrel, watching the Real Housewives of New York City, and trying to play with the handsome Norwich Terrier he sees in the hallway mirror and especially snuggling. He doesn’t care for the cold weather we are still having, so he has decided to use the indoor pee pads until the outdoor air is a little more to his liking. Not only can he use the pee pad consistently, but he will get on the pad after he has gone just to hear “Good boy, Luigi” or possibly get another treat.

We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to 
educate us about the breed, get us past our pre-parenthood 
jitters and welcome Luigi into our home. All three of us look 
forward to cheering for Luigi’s High Pines relatives next 
February at Westminster.

All the best,
                      -Mark, Tracey and LUIGI
Puppy Buyers who got their second Norwich Puppy from us:

Meet P'tit-Loup (pronounced "tee-loo") the Norwich terrier, 8-week-old half-brother of our wonderful 2-year old Wolfgang Amadeus aka Wolfie. We drove down to High Pines Norwich in Fairfax Station, VA to get him Wednesday night. The pic was taken in the car on our way home on Thursday.

High Pines is an amazing place: As you arrive, hordes of little Norwich beasts emerge out of thin air, yipping, yapping & jumping up to lick your hands, vying for your attention & affection. It's like walking into a real-life JRR Tolkein world peopled by beautiful little canines rather than diminutive hominids.

Poor Wolfie is rather nonplussed by P'tit-Loup's arrival & feckless, fearless demand for fun, fun, fun. The females in the house are all charmed to swooning by the little guy, while I focus all my available attention/affection on Wolfie to help him get used to the 
new kid on the block.

BTW, I just learned P'tit-Loup is 11 weeks old, not just 8... 
way smaller but a lot wilder than Wolfie was at that age. 
I guess that's what happens when a baby Norwich hangs out 
& runs freely with his elders on a 5-acre estate in the 
middle of nowhere.

Thank you so much for our beloved Wolfie and our new addition.

​                          -Ed, Aneeta, WOLFIE & P'tit-Loup
One year old Norwich placed with family:

We thought we'd give you an update on the wonderful Wellington!

After we picked him up, we went to Richmond to stay with Karen's parents for the weekend. He was good as gold, got to meet Karen's sister's dog and went for lots of leash walks. Traveling in the car he's been a star - no problems at all.

NYC - it's obviously very noisy, overwhelming and a full sensory overload, but again, he's been coping amazingly. He's getting used to our elevator. Big trucks and very load noises scare him, but he's doing so well otherwise. Everyone he's met has commented not only on how beautiful he is but on how calm/mellow he is in NYC.

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful companion; 
his temperament is wonderful - couldn't ask for a sweeter, 
well adjusted, happy little guy.

Our very best,

-Francis, Karen & WELLIE (CH High Pines On The Rocks)
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Last weekend, Paula completely groomed Pepper for the first time. Anyway, I am going to quote her. "Pepper has the best coat of any Norwich I have ever groomed.....and I have groomed a lot!"

I just wanted both of you to know that he would do his "Papa" proud. Pepper is the most delightful dog. He is loving, playful, and just full of mischief. He plays in the yard and chases squirrels and even barks at them in trees. I always knew he was very special but it did my heart good to hear Paula say it. She is normally very blunt about her likes and dislikes in dogs so to hear praise from her meant a lot. She told me that she was going to tell you that also.
​He just loves to play and snuggle and he is just so sweet and loving. We have never had one moments trouble with him. He also loves to ride and go to the beach and chase the birds there. He is really a gorgeous dog. The best news is that Pepper is a healthy boy and he and Penny love each other and play all the time. 

Anyway, I love these dogs as do all Norwich owners. Mr. Pepper is just the sweetest and most loving dog. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have him. He still loves to get in the edge of the river ... just up to his belly. 
OLDER PUPPY placed with family:

Greetings from Nilla and Ann and Jeff! We thought we'd touch base with you and give you an update. We just returned from North Carolina and Nilla was the best traveler. She enjoyed hikes with us and became fast friends with my sister's lab/mix. From a dog friendly BBQ restaurant after a romp at a beach to a visit to the Nursing Facility where my mother resides, she adapted to every new situation with great joy. With every new situation, her puppy confidence has grown and she has developed into quite a joyful little dog with great manners and a funny sense of humor.

Thank you for your help with matching us with Nilla. To say that it was a perfect pairing, would be an understatement, to say that it was meant to be is more than the truth!

Thank you so much! 
                                              -Ann, Jeff and NILLA
Just a quick note to let you know how truly happy we are with Jackson.  He is everything you promised. A great family pet who loves waking up my girls every morning and then going for long walks (off leash) through the fields on the way home from the bus stop. He is very smart and easy to train.

I took him for a second visit to the vet today and he was very impressed with the way he is developing.

Please share this with your mom. We would love to bring him back to High Pines for a visit someday.

We love him. Thank you!
                                                                                                                                   - David, Family, and JACKSON
Thank you for taking the time to read a few stories from our Norwich terrier buyers. When we are blessed with large litters we are able to place our puppies with the most wonderful families. We have spent a lifetime with Norwich reterriers and we pride ourselves in our ability to evaluate puppies and their personalities. As you can read from above, ALL of our Norwich terriers are wonderful, but we do make "the pick" for your puppy and there are no exceptions. Please respect us and trust us to match the most wonderful and suitable Norwich terrier with you and your family.
Hi Norwich Terrier fans! Happy New Year! Thought I'd give you a brief report on Oliver after a year --- he's a beautiful dog, a superlative companion and great fun to be with! He continues to make friends everywhere he goes!

Thanks again for all of the care and effort you devote to helping to bring such great dogs to all of us!

                                -Ellie and OLIVER
I just wanted to drop you another quick note to let you know that Pepper is doing great. Its like she has been here forever. Scout has been very kind to her, letting her jump up with him and snuggle on the couch, and will even let her take a toy out of his mouth while they are playing. I think she has won him over and he is enjoying her company when we are out of the house. 

Rachel is has had fun training her. She is doing really really well with sit and down, and now they are working on a few other tricks.

Thanks again!

-Beth, family, SCOUT and  SALT & PEPPER
Hello! I thought you would like an update on Scout (BeBe’s spring litter). Scout is doing great and has become a beloved member of our family. He is a constant source of amusement for us and my daughters love spending time with him. He will never suffer from lack of affection! He and my daughter Rachel graduated from puppy school in June and she has taught him to sit, down, stand, stay (sometimes), shake, and roll over. She wants to start him in agility when he is old enough, but he has a very strong independent spirit so we will have to see how he does off lead. He is incredibly smart, has learned a lot of words, and was housed trained very. He loves to go with me to the bus stop and he is just like BeBe in that he loves kids.  Thanks again and we’ll keep in touch.
                                                                                                       -Beth, Mike, Rachel, Emily & SCOUT
Here are some of our thoughts on our loveable little girl. Since picking up Martini on 1/21, she has become a big big part of our family...She doesn't know a stranger, and greets everyone with big old wet kisses. We found a sign in the doggy store that I bought because it fits her so well....BEWARE: Dog cannot hold it's licker....LOL.  

As you know I was concerned about her and my husband getting along.....well.....they love each other alot. She cries when he leaves for work, and greets him lovingly when he comes home. You and your mother raised such a good girl. Everywhere we go, and we don't leave her at home much....people just fall for her because she is so friendly. Who could resist when her ears go back, those eyes shine, the tongue is a wagging, and the tail is just a going. Below is one of my favorite pictures of her, that use to be my chair....she tricks me into getting up so she can jump in. She also loves the outdoors, thank goodness the weather has been great! Sunning herself is one of her great past times too....
Tini's first time at the lake island...she is the sweetest girl. She has been an absolute joy, Thank you. We are in route to Texas now in the motorhome....she has the best seat in the house

This little girl has been an absolute joy to both me and my husband. Everyone who meets her falls in love with that cute little face and her personality. She is a doll! 

Thank you for the perfect dog!!!

​                    -Shirley, Robert and TINI
Cooper is everything you said he would be and more! He is simply adorable! He knows to go to the door when he has to go out ... at only 9 weeks of age. He is enrolled in a puppy class that starts on Monday, I am sure, without a doubt, that he will be top of his class! He is very lovable and cuddly. He always wants to be close by! He is also very smart, which keeps me on my toes constantly! I love this little guy and I thank you and your mom for letting me share my life with such a wonderful Norwich Terrier puppy! 

Thank You again!
                                    -Kym & COOPER KASPER
Just wanted to send a note and let you know how we LOVE our Chestnut (High Pines Red Male 2)!!!!! In the short week he's been in our family we are all asking ourselves, "how did we ever live without this little dog???" He is, as you already know, quite the delight and the joy of our every single day! The first question every day from the kids is: "Where's Chestnut??" and the answer is always the same...."he's with ME!". His adorable scampering in the yard each day is pure joy and I wonder, is it customary for Norwich pups to want to chase and chew leaves and twigs?? He's not much of a 'barker', but will make his wishes known to go 'out' with a high pitched yelp! We are finding him quite easy to 'train' and he's not been 'alone' since he's come into our family. We simply take him everywhere with us and the kids insist he go on the ride to school with my husband each day so they can have their 'Chestnut time' and then say their 'goodbyes'.  

Thanks to both of you once again for making our lives so full and joyous with the addition of little Chestnut. He is the new love of our lives!  

                                                                              -Liz, family and CHESTNUT
Older Puppy placed in a home:

This is one lively puppy and adorable. She was fascinated with her first snowfall and tried to eat it naturally. She looked like PacMan going across the land. Really funny.

She has met and been held by everyone who comes into the Pro Shop and that is a lot of different folks- all dog lovers. We are attatched to the Fitness Center so we have a steady stream of people coming and going here. We take walks around the 12 courts and ride in the golf cart to pick up the coffee in the morning. She doesn't miss a beat.

Her best friend is the tabby marmalade cat who goes on walks with us. She loves to run with him over our front lawn. I work hard to keep up with her...she is fast. And quite the little hunter. Nothing escapes that nose of hers. She is also very curious about everything. And I mean everything. Having older dogs for the last 10 years, I'd forgotten how energetic young dogs can be.

Please keep in touch. And thanks again for trusting me with this precious girl.
                                                                                                                                                                 -Vey and RITA
Family that got their SECOND Norwich as an Older Puppy:

To say that we are SMITTEN with Amber is an understatement! By the time we got home ALL 3 of us had fallen under her spell. She is so petite and adorable and not surprisingly brought out the protective chivalry in Tim & Lee Both! They were very vigilant that Chessie NOT be too insistent with his 'interest' in Amber, lest she feel overwhelmed.

She sniffed everything and walked around, skipped right up the back steps and into the kitchen. This morning she amazed us by tackling our entire flight of steps to the upstairs with no sign of fear. I can really appreciate the difference between Norwich girl and boy now - having the two side by side shows the contrast quite well, though I realize that Amber is just a pup and will continue to grow into adulthood. We look forward to being a part of that.

We were overwhelmed with delight at the sight of all your magnificent dogs! When we went outside and saw the PUPPIES we could not contain our JOY. What incredible animals they are and we really enjoyed seeing the backyard 'playground' that you built with your dad, Anne! Actually, speechless is a better word and the 'Cute Meter' was broken by the gorgeousness of all dogs and when it was time to leave we had to TEAR ourselves away from all that fun on four legs. All gorgeous animals and SO SWEET.  

My husband commented that he was truly amazed how every single dog, both puppy and older dog had such delightful dispositions and there was not a single unpleasant dog in the entire group. Each one was fabulous! I cannot imagine the difficulty involved in selling them to new owners and now remember how hard it was for you, Susan, when we left with Chestnut last fall. The dedication, loving care and professional skills that embody your program at High Pines are obvious. Yesterday's experience for us, to coin a phrase, was one where we truly did 'feel the LOVE"! Those dogs worship YOU and I see the devotion is completely reciprocal.

At this moment, Amber is sitting right next to me as I type this and seems content. She is the most adorable little girl and as my husband said last night when she looked at him, "...she has the most sincere expression I have ever seen..." I agree! 

Once again we cannot be more grateful to you both for the fantastic gift of these two incredible little lives.  

-Liz, Lee, Tim, Amy, CHESTNUT & AMBER
From my injury and surgery to my neck, I developed migraines with auras about 3 months ago. The auras are pretty tough, almost like I'm having a stroke but I'm not as my speech becomes slurred, my vision gets blurry, I get a tremendous pressure in the back of my head, pressure/pain shoots down my arms and it also affects the right side of my face. Jinxy will either try to get to my neck and face to lick me or she will paw my legs and whine until she gets my attention. She has a good track record of 20-30 minutes before the episodes begin. All of my doctors are amazed that she senses the migraines and have documented everything she does for me. 

Jinxy is an amazing little girl and I am so thankful you and your mom picked her out for me. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
                                                        -Deana, family and JINXY
Now, he's even figured out how to use the dog door to his advantage when he gets something he shouldn't have and he wants to run away with it. He's too smart! We enrolled him in a puppy training class and, quite literally, he's a show-stopper. There are always people taking his picture with their phones as he prances around. 

Thank you once again for breeding such a great little guy. I see why people get more than one Norwich. If you find yourselves with an older dog who needs to be placed, please keep us in mind. I'm sure Duffy would love a buddy and we'd be happy to have another Norwich to love!

  -Mylene, Steve, Chloe, Greta & DUFFY
SECOND Norwich placed with family as an OLDER PUPPY:
He loves to play and loves to run. He has been extremely healthy and has beautiful teeth. He is a little bigger than Jake and has very red hair. He is intelligent and enjoys attention. He and Penny are still best buddies and snuggle together on the couch all the time.

Just wanted both of you to know how much I appreciate my little boy. Thank you.

-Lynda, Gary, JAKE, PEPPER1 and Penny
Hi! Just a note to tell you that Oliver is doing really well! He is a trooper! I want to thank you both for all of the wonderful love and care you've given him and to let you know how much I appreciate how great he is!  He is perfect! Thank you!
Pepper and Dexter
LUIGI on his 2nd Birthday
Puppy placed with a family who have an adult Imposter-Norwich (DNA proven Cairn with docked tail):

Westley is the perfect addition to our family! He is sweet, loving, and intelligent (he graduated top of his puppy class in all competitions even though he was the youngest). He was very quick to potty train, which is always a plus!

He loves everyone. He is extremely friendly to everyone he meets and everyone falls in love with him. He gets along well with other dogs and has many dog friends in the neighborhood.

He loves to be outside. He loves studying/chasing the birds and squirrels. In the fall we took him hiking a couple of times and he loved every second of it climbing up rocks and walking through the fallen leaves. One of his favorite places to walk to is Panera where he enjoys a side of chicken.

His tail is always wagging, which I love. He is always a happy boy. It made me feel so much better that he was so well taken care of and loved before he was given to us. He is also beautiful and that is all due to his high quality breeding. We get complements all the time on how handsome he is and how beautiful his coat is.

Thank you so much for giving Westley to us! We love him so much!

-Kate, Chris, Bruce & WESTLEY
Jake and Pepper